Hold a raffle during an event or session to add excitement and encourage attendees to submit session evaluations. When creating a new raffle, use the settings to determine which attendees are eligible to enter the raffle and the total number of entries they’re eligible to earn.

1. Sign in as an Admin

2. In the Admin Panel, select Raffle and Giveaways:

3. Click Create New Raffle and enter a Raffle name

4. Select the group of attendees who are eligible to participate in the raffle and how many entries each attendee can earn.

Choose Audience (3 options)

❗️ Important: In order for Options 1 and 2 to work, attendees will need to identify themselves in the event or in specific sessions. For more info and a step-by-step guide, please see Identifying Attendees Throughout Your Conferences i/o web-application.  

Keep in mind, questions asked in Social Q&A, poll responses, and session evaluations will no longer be anonymous when Attendee ID Requirements have been enabled. If you'd prefer to keep attendee engagement anonymous, skip to Option #3, Only Those Included in a List That I'll Import. 

Option 1) All Event Attendees

Select All Event Attendees then choose how many entries each attendee is eligible to earn. Choose from the following 2 options:

A. Attendees can earn one (1) entry for every session evaluation they submit during the event. 

  • This option could be useful if the event includes multiple sessions and you want to encourage attendees to evaluate all or most of the sessions they attend. 



     B. Attendees earn a maximum of one (1) entry when they submitted at least one session evaluation during the event.

Option 2) Only Attendees in the session I select

Select Only attendees in the session I select then click inside the Choose Session box to select the appropriate session: 

Option 3) Only those included in the list I'll import 

Select Only those included in the list I'll import then click Create Raffle to open a new window where you can drag and drop the spreadsheet file: 


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