Moderators can add a Session Evaluation Live Content slide that will automatically open the evaluation to attendees at the end of their presentation.



  1. Sign into the session as a Moderator
  2. Click Session Settings
  3. Click Add Live Content
  4. Click Download All Live Content Slides 
  5. Drag and drop the Session Evaluation slide into the presentation slide deck: 

In order for live content slides to work, the presenting computer should also have the add-in installed for Windows, Mac, or the Conferences i/o Chrome extension and Google Slides add-on.

During the session

When the presenter advances to the Session Evaluation Live Content slide, a 10-second countdown timer will begin and the “Session evaluation will open momentarily”: 

Once the countdown timer has reached “0” the Session Evaluation button will be added to the attendees’ screen. 

Attendees who are already in the session on Conferences i/o can click or tap the Evaluate this Session button to begin:

Attendees who have already left the session in Conferences i/o can point their cellphone camera at the QR Code to be redirected to the evaluation. 

Open an evaluation too early and want to close it? Go to Session Settings > Enable Disable Features > click the Session Evaluation padlock to close. Learn more