After completing the last question in a session evaluation, attendees are brought to a "Review" page where they can review their responses before finalizing the submission.

In certain scenarios, attendees may see "No Response Given" listed as their response to every question, despite the fact that they definitely had added some kind of response. Obviously, this is confusing to attendees and they may reach out with questions.

Further, administrators can still see their responses coming through, but they are staggered with one response per row.

If both of these behaviors seem to be occurring, what is likely happening is that the browsers used by these attendees are not able to access cookies

Browser cookies are how Conferences i/o knows who someone is from page load to page load. Because each evaluation question requires a page load, to Conferences i/o this look like a never-before-seen person is submitting a response. Rather than reject the response, Conferences i/o will passively accept the attendee's data so that it is at least collected for administrative use.

When might this scenario occur?

The most common explanation for the lack of cookie availability is that Conferences i/o has been embedded into another website or web application, via an HTML iframe. 

Default privacy settings in some browsers, most notably Safari, may prevent Conferences i/o from using browser cookies when embedded in this fashion.

Are there any workarounds for HTML iframes?

While it is possible for attendees to update their browser settings to permit these "third party cookies", we generally don't recommend asking people to do this.

A better option is to follow our best practices guide for embedding Conferences i/o into HTML iframes (this guide is attached to the help article below). This usually only involves a minor modification to the URL that is being embedded.