Webinar Embedding is an opt-in feature in Conferences i/o. Please reach out to support@conferences.io if you would like to enable this feature on your Conferences i/o app.

What is webinar embedding in Conferences i/o?

Webinar embedding in Conferences i/o allows customers to embed livestream video content directly into their Conferences i/o web app.

For virtual or hybrid events, you can then send attendees directly to the Conferences i/o link where they can easily participate in session engagement like polls and Q&A.

Which video conferencing platforms are supported?

Only a few platforms are currently supported (as of April 2021).

Zoom Webinars *
Zoom Meetings *
Uses your Zoom Webinar or Zoom Meeting link URL.

Learn more about Zoom and webinar embedding
YouTube Live
Uses the YouTube link URL.
Vimeo Live
Uses the Vimeo link URL.
BigMarkerUses the BigMarker link URL.
MediasiteUses the Mediasite video URL.

Note: Conferences i/o does not currently integrate with Zoom for Government due to a limitation on that platform.

Platform support is dictated by the capability of the platform to be embedded into a web application. There are several platforms we would like to embed that currently do not make embedding possible.

What is the intended use case for Conferences i/o webinar embedding?

Though many livestream platforms support a meeting use case, where every viewer can connect their microphone and webcam to participate, we have found that more than a handful of these connections at one time can maximally stress a browser-based solution. 

The intended use case, then, is for a presentation, where viewers passively watch/listen to a handful of speakers without ever connecting their microphone or webcam to the service.

How do I connect a livestream video to a Conferences i/o session?

The general idea is that you need to find the unique URL of the livestream video, and then you paste that into Conferences i/o when creating or editing a session.

Conferences i/o will detect these URLs and set up the proper embed code.