Conferences i/o uses Google Firebase as the real-time database, including check-ins, poll responses, Social Q&A, and other interactive components. When an attendee's client is unable to connect to the Firebase service, these features are unavailable.



While in session, these workarounds typically resolve the issue for an attendee quickly and allow them to follow along and participate:

If Conferences i/o is embedded in another platform (e.g. Teams, Webex, Zoom, etc):

  • Open the Conferences i/o URL directly in a new browser window

If connecting directly to Conferences i/o with a browser (e.g. Safari, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc):

  • Refresh or reload the Conferences i/o session to see if the state persists
  • Open a different browser (e.g. if experiencing issues with Edge, open Chrome) and navigate to the Conferences i/o URL

If on a company network or VPN:

  • Disconnect from the company network, if possible
  • Connect to a different network, such as a wireless hotspot, a different wireless network, or a wired network

If using a mobile phone:

  • Disable Wi-Fi and use cellular data, if possible

If all else fails:

  • Restart your device and follow the instructions from the event organizers to connect again

Note: Should these workarounds not resolve the issue, Conferences i/o recommends contacting the event organizers as soon as possible. Please note that the event organizers may not be affiliated with Conferences i/o, but Conferences i/o's support and engineering teams will work with event organizers to identify and resolve issues quickly.

Note: Conferences i/o Support will assist users as much as possible, but will not check-in or out, respond to polls, submit codewords, or perform any other task on behalf of attendees experiencing issues.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Note: This section includes advanced instructions of a highly technical nature. 

Most reported issues related to connectivity to the real-time database are intermittent and resolved by a workaround. However, some issues arise from client or network configurations (e.g. firewalls and network blocking) that may be difficult to troubleshoot.

Check connectivity to Firebase

  • Firebase's status can be viewed here:
  • Ensure that a successful connection to the Firebase service is possible and that the Firebase service is not experiencing an outage

Note: Conferences i/o's support and engineering teams are constantly monitoring the status of the Firebase service. If an outage negatively impacts an event, contact Conferences i/o support for more information.

Ensure required services and domains are allowed

  • Below are the services and domains that Conferences i/o requires in order to function
  • If applicable, contact the appropriate technical support teams to ensure these services and domains are added to any corporate allow lists, firewalls, or proxies 

Service NeededReason
JavaScriptCritical for real-time services
jQueryCritical for real-time services
WebsocketsPrimary and most reliable real-time connection
Long-polling (repeated requests to a remote server)A backup if websockets are not available
Port 443All Conferences i/o resources and connections use SSL on port 443

Domain NeededUse Case
*.cnf.ioConferences i/o core application
teamsapp.conferences.ioConferences i/o Teams and Zoom apps
cnf.firebaseio.comReal-time database service (via Firebase)
d3r1vvs66lg0fx.cloudfront.netCDN for user assets, like uploaded logos