With Q&A Name Visibility, moderators can toggle the display of the names of attendees submitting questions.



Q&A Name Visibility allows moderators to create Q&A sessions where questions are publicly associated to the person asking them. This is preferable in situations where the event is more interactive and therefore questions serve as the starting point of interaction.

Attendees will be notified that their name will be attached to a question while asking it


In order to associate names to Q&A questions, moderators must first configure the Required Attendee Identification Fields to require First / Last name, and the attendee must be checked-in to the session with a name associated.

Enabling Name Visibility

  1. Sign-in to a Session as a Moderator

  2. Click Session Settings

  3. Click Enable/Disable Features

  4. Click the Lock Button next to Show Names with Q&A to toggle the feature

Note: This setting can also be configured by an admin while creating the session.


Only questions asked while the visibility feature is enabled will display names. A question asked while the feature is disabled will not display a name if later enabled. This is to better protect the privacy of attendees who asked questions while Q&A anonymity was enabled.

Administrative data is not affected by this feature. Admins can still export session data to see data associated with each user. This feature is a cosmetic front-end configuration to allow other attendees to see who asked questions in order to facilitate different types of learning and engagement.

Attendees cannot change or modify their display name explicitly for Q&A purposes or otherwise opt-out of associating their name to a question while the feature is enabled.