General Troubleshooting

Use these general troubleshooting tips to help with solving most intermittent issues with Zoom. 

Note: After each step, try using the Conferences i/o app for Zoom again, which may require restarting the Zoom app.

  1. Ensure Zoom is updated to the latest version

  2. Double-check that Zoom is signed in to the correct account

  3. Verify that Conferences i/o is accessible by opening the URL in a browser window
    (see Troubleshooting: Cannot connect to real-time database error for more information)

Unable to install the Conferences i/o app from the Zoom App Marketplace

Depending on your organization's Zoom Account settings, installing Zoom Apps may require approval by your Zoom account administrator.

Contact your organization's Zoom administrator for assistance, as Conferences i/o cannot assist with this matter.

After setting a URL, attendees see a blank screen where the Conferences i/o URL should be appearing

  • Verify that you are using a valid Conferences i/o URL
    • From the Host View of the Conferences i/o for Zoom app, copy the URL and paste it into a web browser. If the page doesn't load as expected, then the URL may be malformed or incorrect.

    • Log in to your app through a browser and copy the URL from the address bar, then paste it into the URL field of the Zoom app.

  • Verify that the Zoom Setting on your Conferences i/o application is enabled
    1. Sign-in to the Admin panel

    2. Select Advanced Settings from the Conferences i/o Admin Dashboard

    3. Verify Zoom Related Security Headers is enabled

Contact Support

Contact Customer Support if issues persist after troubleshooting.