Take the registration or attendance lists for events and upload them into Conferences i/o sessions to enhance attendance tracking. Pre-loading attendees enables Kiosk mode check-ins for the session or event, as well as providing a comprehensive view of individual attendance across the event.


Upload attendees

  1. Sign in as an Admin

  2. Click Manage Sessions

  3. Under the Attendance column, click Manage on the session to import attendees

  4. Click Upload Attendees in the sidebar
  5. Click to locate an Excel file or drag and drop one into the box to upload it

    Note: Valid file types for import are XLS, XLSX or CSV

  6. In the Mapping Attendee Fields area, use the drop-down choices on the right side to match which columns from the Excel file correspond with currently defined Attendee Identification Fields, then click Add Attendees

    Note: By default, this tool assumes that the first row of the spreadsheet has a header to identify the column names. Uncheck the First row are header columns option if the data does not have any header rows 

Best Practices

  • Separate First Names, Last Names, and Email Address into different columns

  • Remove duplicates with Excel, Keynote, etc.

  • Using the Overwrite option will erase any prior check-in data, which is useful for updating a list without duplicating entries