It can often be desirable to offer downloadable or view-able copies of the presenter's slide deck inside of the app. Or you might have speaker pictures or medical images that you'd like to feature inside the app. To do so, you can upload these files into the app and offer them in a variety of ways. For example, you might choose to add a link in the session announcement area of the app:

Fig.1 - As a link under the session page

Or you might choose to create a page (menu choice) that lists various handouts and presentation files, like this:

Fig.2 - As a link on a page with other links

Or maybe there's just one or two special presentation files that you'd like to offer as a direct menu choice, like in this example:

Fig.3 - As a direct menu choice

TIP: If you need an easy to use HTML editor to create nicely formatted links or content, consider using either or For the former, you can easily create and format your content using the left-side window. Once done, copy/paste the 'source code' from the right-side window.

This article will be a written guide on how to accomplish this. You can also watch a video demo walk-through of this process (9 minutes in length)

Steps to Follow

  1. The first step is to ensure the file type is correct. You can upload image files (png, jpg, gif) or PDF files. If your presentation file is in PPT and PPTX, you'll need to save (convert) it into PDF format first. 
  2. Upload the file via the Admin menu and choose Upload File Assets. Note: if you don't see this menu option, contact us at and we'll activate it, or just use this URL as a model to enter into your browser:  (replace 'xxxxx' with your app URI).
  3. When you arrive to the screen for Upload and Manage Assets, click the 'Choose File' button to find your PDF file or image file

  1. Give your file a label (optional) and then click Upload. Please note that this label will not appear to anyone but you so consider using a label that helps you identify the file later.
  2. You'll see a long URL listed on the screen after the upload completes. You'll want to highlight and copy that URL to your clipboard.

Now that your file is uploaded, you can reference it in a variety of ways. Options include:

  • Create a Page with the PDF file (or image file) as the link referenced. It can be an embedded page or as an external link (which makes it easier for users to pan/pinch/zoom). Learn more .   
  • Create a Page that is a list of links to your files. Be sure to create an HTML Content page for this. Learn more .   
  • Add a Session Announcement and use some basic HTML to feature a link to your image or PDF file.   

Session Announcement Example
For the latter, here's an example of some basic HTML that you could copy/paste and edit for your session announcement:

<a href="" target="_blank" >Click here for the presentation slide deck (opens in new window)</a>