Using Conferences i/o

Is internet access required for our Conferences i/o web-app to work?

Yes. Desktop or laptop computers will need Wi-fi access. The Conferences i/o web-app will work on a mobile device with access to either Wi-fi of their data plan.


Can you trace audience questions or poll replies back to their device?

No. By default all interaction on Conferences i/o is completely anonymous. Audience members do not need to enter any personal information in order to use the app, and we have no way of tracing responses back to individuals.

However, moderators do have the option of asking attendees to enter some sort of ID information (name, email, etc.) which allows moderators to track attendee data. This is an optional setting though, and not required in order to use Conferences i/o.



App Administration, Setup, and Configuration

How can I make a session private to a select group of attendees?

Hide the session and invite attendees to join by sharing the direct URL link. 

Sign in as an Admin and select Manage Sessions. Hide the session from attendees by clicking the Visible | Hidden toggle under the session title. Even though the session is hidden on the main Home page, the session can still be accessed via the URL. 

How can I change the Admin or Moderator password?

To reset the Admin password, please have an authorized account contact reach out to support.

To change the Moderator password, see the article about Setting and Updating Moderator Passwords.



Social Q&A


Can I continue answering questions my audience members have submitted after my session?

Yes. Your Conferences i/o web-app will remain active for at least 45 days after the event. 

To respond to a question right in the app, sign into your session as a Moderator and click or tap the question. Enter your response in the box provided and click Save.  

I don’t want to use Social Q&A in my session. Can I turn it off? 

Yes. Sign into your session as a Moderator and click the Social Q&A Settings icon. On the Settings page, uncheck the box for Allow Question Submission and click Save.

I can’t find Social Q&A. Where did it go?

Double-check that the Social Q&A feature hasn’t been turned OFF for the session. 

Click the gear icon to open Social Q&A Settings and make sure the box has been checked for Allow Question Submission

How can I screen the questions that audience submits? 

To turn on the Q&A Approval Filter, sign into your session as a Moderator and click the Social Q&A Settings icon. On the Settings page, check the box for Approval Filter and click Save.  

Questions waiting for approval can be seen in the Moderator’s view of Social Q&A. Moderators can approve a question by clicking the “+” (plus sign). The question will then be added to the Attendee’s view.  

Attendees are submitting questions but they’re not appearing in the list. Where are they?

The Approval Filter may have been turned on in Social Q&A Settings.  

Click the gear icon to open Social Q&A Settings. Uncheck the box for Approval Filter and click Save.

Can attendees downvote a question or undo their upvote?

No. The intent is for upvoting to help answer popular questions faster, not to diminish questions the attendees aren't interested in hearing. We are exploring ways to incorporate this feedback into future releases, however.



Audience Polling

How can I test my poll questions and live content poll slides before I present?

Double-check that the Conferences add-in has been installed in Windows PowerPoint or PowerPoint for Mac and Keynote

Use your mobile device or open a separate incognito or private browser window and join your session as an Attendee. 

Go back to PowerPoint or Keynote and present your slides in Slideshow or Presentation mode. When poll questions are opened, submit your response using your mobile device or in the private browser window.

Learn more in the article about Testing Polls.

Do I need to order my polls in Conferences i/o to make the order in my PowerPoint slides? 

No. The order of the poll questions in Conferences i/o don’t need to match the order in your slide deck. Each poll question is closed until you open it to the audience by advancing to the live content poll slide in your presentation. The order of the poll questions in Conferences i/o doesn’t have an impact on this. 

I need to revise a poll question. Do I need to replace the live content slides in my slide deck?

No. Replacing the live content slides in your PowerPoint or Keynote slide deck isn’t necessary. When you advance to the live content poll slide, the question and answer options will automatically match the question and answers in Conferences i/o.

Help! My attendees are able to see a poll question that I haven’t gotten to yet in my presentation. Why is it open and how can I close it?

When a poll question is created in Conferences i/o, it remains closed (or “locked”) by default until you open it by advancing to a live content poll slide during your presentation. 

However, there are times a presenter might want to manually open (or “unlock”) a poll question. Double-check that the poll question hasn’t been accidentally opened by signing into your session as a Moderator. The padlock icon for the poll question should be in the locked position. If it’s unlocked, click the icon to close or lock the poll. During your presentation, when you advance to the live content poll slide it will be unlocked automatically. Then, when you advance to the slide that follows the poll slide, the poll will be closed and re-locked automatically. 


(Windows or Mac) I try to run my PowerPoint slideshow to do polling, but the polls don't unlock and my computer just shows "Live Content Slide" along with the question.

If you're using a Windows PC, this usually means that you don't have the PowerPoint Add-In successfully installed. To troubleshoot this issue, see Troubleshooting: Windows PowerPoint Add-In.

If you're using a Mac computer, this usually happens when the Mac App isn't installed or running in the background. If you haven't installed the Mac App, click here for the download page. If you previously installed the Mac App, make sure it's running. When it's running, you should see a small Conferences i/o logo at the top of your screen, usually near the Wi-Fi icon. For help with using the Mac Presenter App, see this article.


You see an error that says: "Your connection to our real-time service has timed out"

If you are at a different location than usual and/or you are in the People's Republic of China (PRC) or in another location that tightly restricts access to various websites, you might be blocked from accessing our real-time service which is hosted by Google Firebase. You must be able to access this site for the polling feature to function.


Session Evaluations

A session evaluation is open even though I have it set to automatically open at a certain time. How can I close it?

First, confirm the evaluation settings are correct by going to the Admin panel and selecting Change Evaluation Settings. If the setting is correct, move onto the next step. 

Return to the Admin panel, select Manage Sessions. Double-check the session’s date and start/end times are correct. Move on to the next step is the date and times are correct. 

On the Manage Sessions page, select Moderate under the session title > Session Settings > Enable/Disable Features. The Session Evaluations padlock icon should be in the “locked” position. If not, click the icon to lock it. This will close the session evaluation until the time you’ve set it to open. 

Will all the sessions have the same evaluation questions or can I create unique evaluation questions for specific sessions only?

Evaluation questions will be the same for all sessions.


My evaluations are configured to automatically unlock, but the first session has ended and the button isn't appearing!

Via the Admin mode, under the heading for Session Evaluations, visit "Change Evaluation Settings" to confirm if automated unlocking is set up (e.g., 15 minutes before end). 

See the note at the top of the screen regarding the importance of having the right time zone defined in the app along with your session having a date and start/end time configured. To confirm, visit the Admin menu and choose "Event Details and Dates". If a correction is needed, once you save a change, the issue should be resolved.