Conferences i/o Frequently Asked Questions


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Social Q&A

Yes. If you visit 'Session Settings', and then 'Enable/Disable Features', you can disable this by clicking the small padlock beside that feature. Learn more.


Yes. You can activate the "Approval Filter" which means that new questions won't be visible to other attendees, unless you approve them. All questions can remain in an unapproved condition, if desired. Learn more.


Yes, most labels in Conferences i/o can be customized or overridden. To do so, visit the the "Branding & Custom CSS" option (under Admin), and add some special JavaScript in "custom head" box. The JavaScript lines needed to change "Social Q&A" can be found in our 'Custom CSS' document. See row #26. We also have a forum post with a full example here.


Yes, this can be done via a few simple lines of CSS. Contact us at for assistance. We can hide the upvote button. Note: this would normally apply to all sessions if configured.


No, currently that functionality is not available.



Audience Polling


Ensure that you have our PowerPoint add-in installed (or the Mac App if you're using a Mac). We recommend using a mobile device or another computer to act as an attendee. Run your slideshow and then use your other device to respond. We have a short "How To" video here with more info.


Yes. When you create your Multiple Choice poll question, use the feature called “this poll has a correct answer” to set this up. Learn more.


By default, new poll questions are locked (hidden from the audience) however, you can manually unlock poll questions which causes them to be available for response. Click the small padlock to lock/unlock polls. Learn more.


No, this is not required. By default, polls are locked and hidden to attendees. The audience will only see one poll question appear at a time, which will be based on the order you have them in your PPT slides, which might be different from the order they appear in the moderator view -- and that's okay. If you'd still prefer to change their order in the CNF IO website, visit 'Session Settings' and click on 'Reorder Polls' to do so.


Use the ‘Sign In to Moderate' button on your session and then visit Session Settings. Under the heading for ‘Presentations', click on the “Add Live Content to PowerPoint…” choice and choose either Windows or Mac under the supported platforms heading. From there, you'll see a link to download/install the PowerPoint add-in. Or: Link to our Windows PowerPoint add-in   /   Link to our Mac App


No. Our polling service doesn't offer a ranking type of poll, however if it did we would discourage its use. Audience members really dislike responding to ranking questions. A variation though to consider is to ask the audience to "Pick the top 3" from a list. If you display the results in a bar graph format, you will achieve a similar end result and your attendees won't mind responding to that easier-to-answer type of poll question.


No, this is not possible. While this is usually easy to do in popular survey tools (e.g., Survey Monkey), it doesn't work well in a live polling situation. A typical multiple choice poll might have 4 or 5 choices, and the resulting bar graph will be easy to view and visually compelling on the big screen. If open-ended responses were allowed and added to the polling results, you might suddenly have 20 or more bars displayed, which would auto-resize in such a way that the chart becomes difficult to view/read due to the large number of results.




Session Evaluations


Under the Admin area, re-visit the screen for "Change Evaluation Settings" to confirm whether automatic unlocking is configured. Next, for the session in question, visit the "Manage Sessions" screen (under Admin) to check the date and start/end times for the session. If the date and/or end time is in the past, the evals will be available. Lastly, if the eval is still activated, visit that session and click on 'Session Settings' (use the "Sign in to Moderate" button first if needed). Next, visit the 'Enable/Disable Features' choice where you will likely find that Session Evaluaton is not disabled as it should be. Click the small padlock to disable session evaluation.


No. They should remain as "disabled" under Session Settings. However, we recommend ensuring that evaluation questions have been set up. Via the Admin mode, under the heading for Session Evaluations, visit "Manage Evaluation Questions" to confirm that you have your desired questions in place. While in this area of the app, it's a good idea to visit "Change Evaluation Settings" to confirm if automated unlocking is set up (e.g., 15 minutes before end). See the note at the top of the screen regarding the importance of having the right time zone defined in the app along with your session having a date and start/end time configured. Lastly, if you are using the automatic unlock feature, you can temporarily change the date and start/end time of your session to today's date and to a time value that falls within (or past) the present moment to confirm that your Session Evals automatically unlock and become available as expected. Once tested, be sure to correct the date & time on your session.


When you create your session evaluation questions, be sure to choose general questions that will be applicable to all sessions as it's not possible to create unique eval questions that get assigned to certain sessions. We also recommend, when possible, to only ask your attendees to respond to a small number of eval questions as otherwise they will become quickly fatigued by having to answer a large number of eval questions after each session ends.






It's possible to collect user's name, email address and/or other demographic information using Attendee identification fields. When set up, users will be required to supply this information before they can participate with polling or Q&A, and that information will be stored with their responses. Learn more.


Contact for assistance. We can enable session check-in functionality, and then you can create Attendee Check-In Codes that users must successfully enter before they are able to join the session and answer polls, etc. Once enabled, you'll also have access to an Attendee List as a data export option.


After you have setup your desired Attendee Identification Fields, you can use the moderator mode to change the Session Settings for just certain sessions and then choose which attendee identification fields that you want users to answer. Learn more.


After a session has been configured, and after poll questions have been added, copy the direct link (URL) for that session (as seen in your brower’s address bar) and save it for later. Next, via the Admin menu > select Manage Sessions > Under the title of the session you'd like to hide from the Attendee view, click the Visible status to update it to Hidden. Even though the session is now hidden from the list, anyone with the direct link can still interact with that session and answer polls, etc. Learn more. Another option is to set a Check-In Code on the session. See the earlier FAQ entry above.


It’s not possible through our web app, but if the customer is using an event app they could use that to send push notification. However, it easy to add "Announcement" text which will immediately appear on the home screen and/or at the top of any page in the app. Learn more.


No. Our polling service doesn't offer a ranking type of poll, however if it did we would discourage its use. Audience members really dislike responding to ranking questions. A variation though to consider is to ask the audience to "Pick the top 3" from a list. If you display the results in a bar graph format, you will achieve a similar end result and your attendees won't mind responding to that easier-to-answer type of poll question.


Functions for clearing data are separated. If you want to just clear data in a certain session, you can use the 'Session Settings' button and use the "Clear Responses" option. If you want to truly clear out all data before a new event, you’ll need to 'remove all sessions'.


Some fields don't actually have a limit even though a character count-down indicator appears. This is true for questions submitted via Social Q&A as well as poll question text and choices. The character limit is there to warn users as exceeding these counts can cause undesirable effects when shown on the big screen. If you exceed the character count limit for a poll question and/or for poll choices, we recommend testing your poll to confirm it looks okay on the big screen.


An image editor is usually required for this. Irfanview or Windows Paint can be used to reduce the resolution and/or canvas size of the image which will reduce file size. It's important that image file sizes be reasonable so that the app's load time on your attendee's device is fast.


To reset or update the Admin password, have an authorized contact reach out to us at for assistance. To change the global moderator password, visit the Admin area and choose "Shared Passwords". Note: a session can have a unique moderator password (optional) which is setup via the Admin area → Manage Sessions → Edit.


Any mobile device and/or laptop must have Internet access to use the app. In the case of smartphones, as long as the user has a data plan with their cell provider, that will be sufficient for use of the app. Smartphone users are not required to connect to Wi-Fi as long as they have a data plan. You can read more about bandwidth requirements here.