Note: Attendance Tracking is an Add-On feature. If you do not see menu choices under the Admin area for Attendance Tracking, please contact your account manager if you are interested in this add-on feature, or contact us at with questions about your account.

Setup Overview - Configuration of Attendance Tracking

A typical setup for attendance tracking will consist of the following steps:

  • Configure your desired Attendee Identification fields (e.g., Name, Email, Member ID Number)
  • Determine which mode (or modes) fit best with your tracking needs (e.g., Standard Self Check-In, Streamlined Self Check-In and/or Kiosk mode) and enable that mode
  • Set the preferred display order of attendee identification fields
  • Add or update your list of sessions and configure any desired check-in/out codes for each session along with other optional metadata such as Field of Study, CPE Credits, Session Topic, etc.
  • Test before your event

Step #1 - Configure Attendee Identification Fields

  • Decide which attendee identification fields are needed. Popular choices include: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Member ID, and Firm/Organization Name

  • Visit the Admin area of your app and choose Attendee Identification Fields
  • The system already provides default fields for First Name / Last Name and Email Address. Use the available flexible field boxes to quickly define up to 5 additional fields.
  • For any flexible fields that you define, you can enter an optional description which attendees will see when they are prompted to provide that information.
  • Click Save when done

TIP: You can define a flexible field that displays as a drop-down list for the attendee to choose from. For example, the following will prompt the attendee to choose one of three country choices: 
Country || Canada || United Kingdom || United States

For additional details on setting up identification fields, see our article entitled Customizing Attendee ID Fields

Note: Attendees will only have to provide their attendee identification info just once. The system will remember their provided information, however attendees can update their information at any time, if needed.

Step #2 - Enable your Attendance Tracking Mode

  • Visit the Admin area of your app and choose Attendance Tracking Modes

  • Depending on whether your app has been licensed for just one mode or multiple modes, you'll see attendance tracking modes with a checkbox to enable each mode.
  • Click to enable the mode(s) you'd like to use for your event. That mode will be immediately enabled after you click the checkbox.
  • For each mode, you'll see "How to use" instructions listed to help guide you on next steps.

NOTE: While it's technically possible to enable all 3 modes, we generally recommend that the Standard Self Check-In mode not be enabled with the Streamlined mode as this can create confusion for attendees who might think they have to use both modes to earn their CE credits for each session. It is however common to enable both the Standard Self Check-In along with the Kiosk Check-In mode. The Kiosk mode gives attendees who didn't bring a device a way to check-in to a session to earn their CE credit.

To learn more about each mode, please visit the appropriate article listed below (articles open in new window).

Step #3 - Adjust the Display Order for Attendee Required Fields

From the main Attendance Tracking dashboard page, you can use the Update Required Information button to adjust which fields that attendees must fill out along with their display order.


After clicking on the button for Update Required Information, you can decide whether to require name or email address, and you can also use the mouse to drag the ordering of required fields to match with your preference.

NOTE: If Delivery Method is set to Hybrid, the check-in page will also have the Attendance Method field to select In-Person or Virtual. This setting can be configured by Editing the Session.

Step #4 - Update Attendance Constraints (optional)

From the main Attendance Tracking dashboard page, you can use the Update Attendance Constraints button to adjust the check-in time limit and require evaluations.      



After clicking on the button for Update Attendance Constraints, you can decide whether to enter a time limit before attendees can check-in to a session.  You can also decide if evaluations will be required for check-out, this will only affects the attendees who have not filled out the evaluation yet. 

Step #5 - Test

After completing your attendee identification configuration, we recommend using your mobile device and/or your browser's Incognito mode (or private mode) to test. If you are unfamiliar with using a browser's private/incognito mode, please see our short video entitled How to Test Poll Questions which demonstrates this testing technique.