This is JeoPARODY! Conferences i/o EDITION

Transform any onsite or virtual event into a fun, quiz-style game using the special edition JeoPARODY! game slides and your TEAM BATTLE leaderboard. 

The JeoPARODY! slides and TEAM BATTLE game are designed to include everything you need. Just add SIX categories with FIVE clues in each and you’re ready to get started! 

Get the game

  1. Double-check the most recent version of the Conferences i/o PowerPoint Add-in has been installed on the presenter’s computer. Windows | macOS 

  2. Download your own copy of the JeoPARODY! Conferences i/o EDITION PowerPoint template from Dropbox: 

SHOUTOUT! to Rusnak Creative, the original creators of JeoPARODY! They have tons of other cool templates at

Game setup 

  1. Add a JeoPARODY category to slides #4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 for a total of six categories. 

  2. Add each category to the top row of Slide #11. (see below) Be careful to add them in the exact same order they were added in the previous step:  

  1. Starting on slide #12, enter each JeoPARODY question: 

  2. SAVE


  1. Create teams in Team Battle

    Interested in saving time? To create teams in bulk, skip steps 1-4 in the step-by-step guide linked above, and follow the steps for Creating Teams Using Bulk Edit or click here.

  1. Enter JeoPARODY quiz questionsEnter the questions in TEAM BATTLE in the same order they appear on the JeoPARODY board.

    Starting with the first category, enter the questions in the following order: Category 1 - $100, Category 1 - $200, Category 1 - $300, etc. Do the same for the 5 remaining categories. 

Pro tip #1

Make it easy to find the corresponding quiz question in TEAM BATTLE by labeling each one using the category name and $value.


Since the players read each quiz question as they are revealed in the JeoPARODY game board, instead of re-writing each question in TEAM BATTLE, simply enter the category name and $value that corresponds with the question.


This will help the Moderator find the question, open it, and click the Show the Correct Answer button before the game host clicks the TEAM BATTLE trophy to advance the game to slide #10 (slide 10 will be covered in step #5 of this section

For example: 

The player select Sports (category) for $100 ($value)

The host clicks the corresponding box in the game board and reads the question aloud: Which NBA Team Plays Home Games At The United Center? 

In TEAM BATTLE, open the question labeled Sports $100 :

After the players submit their answers, click Show the Correct Answer followed by Score the Results to reveal the winner and update the leaderboard. 

Pro tip #2

Keep the game moving by using the TEAM BATTLE countdown timer:

  1. Set up points and scoring

In JeoPARODY, there are no points for 2nd place. Only the first player to answer correctly wins.

Enter the corresponding $value in the Points to be Awarded box for each question: Ex. a $300 question should be entered as: 300

✅ In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined based on the player who answered correctly in the fastest time.


✅ Playing with teams? The team with the fastest time on average wins. 

  1. Download your TEAM BATTLE Live Content Slide

  2. Replace slide #10 in the JeoPARODY slide deck with the Team Battle live content slide.

⚠️ Double-check that the Team Battle slide is now Slide #10. Then delete the slide that reads “Replace this slide with your Team Battle slide”:


1. In PowerPoint, use Presenter View to display the JeoPARODY board to players.

2. Join the TEAM BATTLE session in Conferences i/o on a separate device (i.e. phone, tablet, laptop). Sign in as a Moderator. 

** The host will need to manage TEAM BATTLE from a separate device. However, we recommend having another person moderate TEAM BATTLE in Conferences i/o while the host manages the game in PowerPoint if possible. 

3. Assign players to teams and have them select a Team Captain to be their spokesperson to choose questions from the board. Instruct players to join their team in TEAM BATTLE on a separate device.   

To start the game, choose to either have the host pick the first question or select a player at random. After this, the winner of each question will choose the next category and $value.   


4. As players choose from the available clues on the game board, reveal each question by clicking the corresponding box on Slide #11. Read the question aloud.  

5. While the game host is reading the question, the host or moderator should open the corresponding quiz question in TEAM BATTLE.

6. In PowerPoint, click the TEAM BATTLE trophy button located at the bottom of the slide. This will  advance to the TEAM BATTLE live content slide (Slide #10):


7. The TEAM BATTLE moderator can then click Show Correct Answer followed by Score the Results which will update the leaderboard:

8. The host should use their keyboard’s right-arrow key to return to the JeoPARODY game board.

9. Repeat Play JeoPARODY! steps 1-7.

Watch a video demonstration