When it's time for Q&A in your meeting or event, it's now possible to spotlight a particular question so that it appears on the presentation screen as the current question being answered or addressed.

IMPORTANT: This feature is supported with our PowerPoint Add-In for Windows, Mac App, or Easy Presentation Mode. 

How to Use It

An important prerequisite for this is to use PowerPoint along with the special "Q&A Live Content" slide for displaying Q&A on the big screen (presentation screen). Learn more.

When Social Q&A is being displayed on the big screen, a Q&A moderator can click on a question in the list as if they were perhaps going to provide a written response to the user's question. On the web page that displays next, a button will appear entitled: "Show This Question On-Screen".

When clicked, that particular question will be the only item appearing on the presentation screen. For example:

While that particular question is being displayed, a moderator will now see a button labeled "Stop Showing", which when clicked, will cause the presentation screen to once again show the list of Q&A questions.

A few important notes to keep in mind:

  • The show on-screen controls will only be visible when the session’s Social Q&A slide is active. In other words, you won't see a button for "Show This Question On-Screen" unless Q&A is being displayed via a PowerPoint Live Content slide. 
  • If the presenter advances the presentation to the next slide (i.e., away from the Q&A Live Content slide), the choice to "Show" and/or "Stop Showing" will disappear. 
  • Selecting another question to be shown on-screen will replace the actively shown question.
  • Anyone who is signed in as a moderator can use this feature, and if one moderator clicks to show a question on-screen, it is possible for a different moderator to click to stop showing the question.