Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Attendance Tracking

Q: Is the Attendance Tracking feature included in my subscription/license?

A: Attendance Tracking is an add-on feature, which is available in several pricing models. Please contact your Account Manager for info.

Q: Can I import a list of attendees so that users don't have to fill-out their name, etc.?

A: If you are using our Kiosk mode, you can import a list of attendees which makes it easier and faster for attendees to use the shared Kiosk device to quickly check into a session. (Learn more). Currently, only the Kiosk mode supports the use of an imported list of attendees. For our Standard Self Check-In and Streamlined Check-In modes, attendees must enter their identification information manually, one time.

Q: If I want to import a list of attendees for Kiosk mode, do I have to import that list into every session?

A: Yes, we currently don't have a bulk-import that loads a list into all sessions. So to have attendee names appear for easier check-in by users, the list must be imported for each session.

Q: What kind of reporting or data export is available with attendance tracking?

A: During the event, you can quickly see a list of users who have checked into each session via the Manage Sessions dashboard. At any time, you can also export a CSV file of the attendees who have checked into a session. This CSV file (suitable for import into an LMS or other 3rd party system) will include the Session's ID & Name, Session Date, and the attendee's information which typically includes: First Name, Last Name, and Check-In Time. If you require that users should also check-out, the export file will also include the Check-Out Time along with calculated values for the Total Time Spent in the session and the Percentage of Time Spent. The export file will also include any additional attendee identification values, if you defined them. This export is available as a bulk export too, in which case the export file will include the data noted above for all sessions in your app. (Learn more).

Q: Is it possible to integrate this Attendance Tracking feature with my mobile event app that we'll be using at our conference?

A: Yes, there are a couple of different ways to do so. If you have traditionally asked attendees to complete a Post Event CE Form, our Streamlined Mode is probably a great fit and you could easily add a menu choice or a link in your mobile event app which when clicked, would send users to the screen where they would easily choose all of the sessions they attended that day. If you are also using any of the ARS features (e.g., Polling, Social Q&A or Session Evaluations), our Standard Self Check-In mode is likely to be the best fit. In this case, attendees will be prompted to check-in to the session before they can participate with any of those ARS features. A common approach for integrating a mobile event app with Conferences i/o is to put a direct link into each session's description (inside your event app), which corresponds to that session in Conferences i/o. (Learn more).

Q: Can the system be set up so that users are required to complete a session evaluation before checking out or during the check-out process?

A: While we don't yet have the feature to force users to complete a session evaluation during the check-out process, if the Session Evaluation feature is activated in a session, users will see the button to "Evaluate this Session" immediately after confirming their check-out action.

Q: If a user checks in via a Kiosk device, but then realizes they could also check in via their smartphone, what happens if they check in both ways?

A: The system will record two occurrences of check-in for that user. We recommend reviewing the list of check-ins either during your event or immediately after the event, so that you can remove and/or manage those duplicate records. The only potential harm or annoyance of duplicate records would be where a user might receive two certificates (if you use that feature), and/or if you plan to import the data file into an LMS, you'll likely want to review the data file and remove duplicate check-ins.